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What is "Tulle"?

Tulle, pronounced (tool), is a thin, fine netting of nylon.
Etymology: Named after Tulle, a city in France, where it was first made.

Tulle can be used to decorate pews, chairbacks, columns, entranceways, arches, canopies, floral displays, cake tables and centerpieces.

Tulle fabrics can be made into large bows and other shapes for table and wall decorations and used for bridal bouquets.

Use Tulle fabrics to drape ceilings, to wrap favors, to use in gift bags in place of tissue paper, in bridal bouquets and as streamers.

Celia Rachel® has over 40 colors available!
For larger orders, samples are available upon request.
Please feel free to call or e-mail us for more information.

Note: To view colors, select color and size, then you should see a sample color. Please note that colors may not be an exact representation of actual color due to variations in computer displays.

Our Sparkle Tulle has a shimmer, but it does not contain glitter.

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