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College Dorm Bedding USA

- College News

Whether you’re starting college in the Fall, or returning for another year, your Dorm room will be your sanctuary. It will be the space you carve out just for you so it needs to be cozy, attractive and most importantly, comfortable!

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Celia Rachel Bedding, Home Decor and Fabrics Made in USA

- Made in USA Challenge

Celia Rachel offers an American made source for premium bedding, home decor, fabrics and tulle at affordable prices. With a loyal commitment to American manufacturing, all of their products are made at the Mohican Mills plant in North Carolina. They are on the cutting edge of the revival of the textile industry in the Southeastern USA. Their exclusive collection includes sheet sets, crib sheets,comforters, blankets, baby blankets, travel blankets, tablecloths and tulle, all proudly made in USA.

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American Made Holiday Gift Ideas

- Nationalist Magazine

So it's time for your holiday shopping. Now is the best time of the year to really make your money count. When you got o your local store for whatever product you may be looking for pick American made it helps a small business stay open., keep jobs here and our economy. Now there is a place for you to not only find them but a place to find out all about the products. The next few pages are filled with products that are Made in the USA and they are made by great companies that any American would be proud to support.

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A Made In America Commitment

-Folk Magazine, Christmas 2012

In November 2005, at a time when the majority of American textile manufacturers had either moved offshore, significantly downsized or went out of business, Beth and Steven Myers founded Fab Industries Corp., a knitted fabric manufacturing business located in Lincolnton, North Carolina.

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More College Dorm Bedding Made in USA!

Just this morning I learned that one of my favorite sources for American-made sheets now carries dorm bedding, so I am adding another to my my list of sources! Celia Rachel makes wonderful sheets at their North Carolina mill, and now offers jersey knit and flannel sheets, plus flannel comforters and blankets, in the Twin XL size perfect for dorm beds.

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ABC World News - Introduced On Campus Marketing to Celia Rachel in Mohican Mills, N.C.

Move-in day on college campuses is filled with a lot boxes, sweat, farewells and a few tears. But for incoming freshman Monica Resendiz at Southern Methodist University in Texas, hers was filled with a mission. Inspired by "World News"' "Made in America" series she set out to outfit her new dorm room with only "Made in America" products. Unable to find any she tweeted the World News team for help.

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10 Made-In-The-USA Clothing Websites

Below are ten websites that feature clothing and other products that are only made in the USA. I have realized how hard it is to find clothing that is not only made in the USA but also fashionable in a sense.

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NTA Member Companies on ABC World News Made in America Series

As part of the series "Made in America," ABC's "World News with Diane Sawyer" took on the challenge of trying to fill three rooms in a home entirely with 100 percent American-made products. Economists say that if every one of us spent an extra $3.33 on U.S.-made goods every year, it would create nearly 10,000 new jobs in this country.

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Clothes & more Made in USA

This evening I googled Made in USA products and an awesome sight came up, CELIA RACHEL.

I hadn’t even been searching for anything in particular but when I found this site, I was taken back to days gone by when all of the knitting mills, sewing factories, etc were going strong. Click on their About Us page to find out how they decided to keep their manufacturing company here in the USA while so many others started outsourcing.

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