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You have made our nights!

"I just wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you for the great blankets. My wife and I are seniors sleeping in adjustable twin beds and it is so hard to find quality bedding for twin xl. You have made our nights."


Wonderful Customer Service

"I truly want to thank you for the kind and pleasant way you handled everything for me. I think everyone should hear about the special way you treat all your customers! I have many functions in our community and I will be in contact with you for much more!"


Love My Premium American Jersey Knit Sheets

I bought my wife a set of white, Premium American Jersey Knit Sheets for her birthday in May, and she loves them. This morning as she sat in bed reading the newspaper and sipping her coffee, she looked down at the sheets and said, "I love these sheets." I said, "They're made in America. They're made in Lincolnton, North Carolina." Without missing a beat, she said, "That's where we should buy all our sheets."

New York

Gifts Proudly Made in the USA

“This Christmas season, my wife and I decided we would only buy products "Proudly Made in USA" for gifts. Each item on our order will be given as a gift to a family member. I know they will love your product. We plan to continue ordering from your company for our own needs of sheets and blankets. We have also been telling our friends and co-workers about your company and its products. Keep up the good work! Have a Merry Christmas”

Kevin & Debbie,

My wonderful Jersey Knit Sheets

“I was in the hospital for 5 days, from a reaction to the flu shot. I told my husband and the nurses at the hospital," you have know idea how much I miss MY WONDERFUL JERSEY KNIT SHEETS !!!! " I talked about them so much that the nurses said they were going to check them out and looked forward to checking me out so I could go home to mine !!! You make a super product, with hard working Americans, all of who give great service and have pride in what they do. Our pleasure is being able to snuggle in every night into the best jersey knit sheets made. Thank you again for making such a wonderful product, and making it in the U.S.A.! ”


Lovely Lace Tablecloth

“Rather than buy a tablecloth at Penney's or Bed, Bath & Beyond, I was searching the internet for U.S. made lace tablecloths and came across your website. I was very happy to see a lovely lace tablecloth, which I just ordered from you. Thank you! I try very hard to buy U.S. made products whenever I can and I will post your website on my facebook page in hopes that my friends will order from you as well. I will keep you in mind when I need to order sheets too! ”


I really appreciate what you are doing.. 

“Thank you so much for continuing to manufacture textiles here in the USA. It’s so hard to find products made here, especially textiles. I really appreciate what you are doing and will buy what you offer exclusively for that reason. I will refer you to everyone else I know that cares about our great nation. Thank you so much for being here.”


American made

“Thank you for such beautiful fashions that are American made.”


Made in the USA products

“Thank you for your commitment to the USA. I try very hard to buy  Made in the USA products. I will be adding your site to my favorites!”


The appearance and quality are exceptional

“I just received my order this morning and  I wanted to tell you how thrilled I was with the baby blanket. The appearance and quality are exceptional. I was so pleased I ordered another blanket for my other grandson…My husband and I try to buy made in USA goods whenever we can, especially for our grandchildren.God bless you and make your business prosper!”


Quality and Value

“My tablecloth arrived today. It fits and looks great. I am pleased with the quality and value.”


Thank you for terrific service.

“Thank you for terrific service. The blanket and the tablecloth are more beautiful than I thought they would be.  I wish Celia Rachel Company the very best of luck.”


20 years in our military and very much appreciate made in the USA products.

“I discovered your business @ still made in the USA.com.  

At every possible instance I purchase made in the USA products.
Thank you for holding out, putting forth superb effort, and sacrificing some profit to remain in the USA.

This decision your organization made is truly outstanding and very appreciated by savvy Pro USA/ Pro USA job Americans such as myself.

I have served over 20 years in our military and very much appreciate made in the USA products.”


Doesn’t get any better..

“Received the order – fine products at an excellent price, and USA-made quality to boot. Doesn’t get any better. Thanks!!!”


Thank you Celia Rachel!

“Thank you Celia Rachel! These tablecloths have been a big hit with my bridge group because it is easy to slide the cards while the cloth stays put!”

Mary Ellen,